Every day – 2pm – 90 minutes

Learn about this unique hippie town and the surrounding area!

Stroll over the beautiful Inner Harbour Bridge and hear stories of all the things that would go in a typical Scandinavian film noir: suicide, shipping magnates and socialism. And if that doesn’t work up your appetite, then learning about the bougie and budget Copenhagen food scene certainly will! From award-winning dining– to street food.

So if you have an appetite for the curious and the creative, and you want to learn all about the area of Christiania and its inhabitants (–including a troll!) then this tour will be right up your alley.

Come get the low down on the high hippies and find out what makes this area like no other place in the world!

The tour ends outside of Christiania, where you will be well-equipped to venture in on your own.


  • Inderhavnsbroen

  • Christianshavn

  • Holmen and Opera House

  • Grey Hall and Gayhouse

  • Church of Our Saviour

Booking is free and required.
Cost: Tips-based